Pool Resurfacing Tampa

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Homeowners are very hesitant to resurface their pool since it feels like too huge of a task to take on alone. We are here to remove that hesitation. People keep their pool surfaces even after its time has come to be resurfaced. This is a dangerous practice because this can cause disastrous accidents, and as a responsible property owner one must be prompt to avoid any such incidents. We understand the concern and are here to provide the highest quality work when it comes to the  pool resurfacing Tampa residents commonly experience. We are the best company to solve the issues relating to an upcoming pool resurface Tampa citizens might have. 

You might not know what kind of pool surface you already have, but do not worry about that –  we are to help you with that. We will inspect your pool and make recommendations based on what we determine. Our honesty has been appreciated by our past customers as we believe in keeping our clients’ needs ahead of everything else. We are here to listen to you and deliver the pool of your dreams. We recognize the importance of a pool for a homeowner or a commercial property owner and we take all measures to give you a pleasant experience. If you are interested in resurfacing your pool, then give us a call!

Pool Resurface Tampa

There are many different kinds of pool surfaces:

  • Vinyl liner pools
  • Concrete pools
  • Fiberglass pools

We specialize in all kinds of resurfacing and it is up to your preference. We might suggest a particular type of resurfacing depending on the circumstances of the property and then it is your choice to take our suggestions or not. 

Concrete pools are formed using shotcrete, which is also referred to as gunite. Once the shotcrete is hardened, a cementitious coating is put all over the pool. There are different kinds of cementitious coatings, such as white plaster, coloured plaster, white quartz, coloured quartz, all-glass bead pool finishes, polished pool finishes, etc. Our team of craftsmen have ample experience in all kinds of pool finishes, but what you will want will depend on your preference and budget. We can assure you our prices are very affordable and no other company can match our quality at the rates we provide.  

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People often ask us about how often they should resurface their pool. Even though that depends on various factors, we will answer that in-depth as well. Having said that, it would be best answered after having a look at your pool. If your pool has been looked after correctly and all the maintenance has been done, your pool can have a longer life span, but many homeowners do not take their pool maintenance seriously and end up having to resurface sooner than they would have to.  

Pool Resurfacing Tampa FL

To maintain your pool correctly, water chemistry is a big part of taking care of the pool. It is also essential to look for signs that tell you that the days of resurfacing are near. These signs are when the plaster of the pool is:

It is the duty of the property owner to look for these signs and call us the moment you spot them as it can become a safety issue. A pool should be the epitome of happiness and a spot for relaxation after a tough day’s work, but it is very prone to accidents as well. So it is your responsibility to keep your pool as safe as possible and call us for help whenever you think that it is time for resurfacing. 

Pool resurfacing takes 5-7 days to be finished. However, if there are any weather complications only then it may take more than the stated time. Our speed has been the quality that differentiates us from our competition. We understand that no one likes any kind of repair work to be going on for an extended period of time as it becomes a hindrance that can affect household work, children’s education or if the pool is in a commercial property, then business might be affected. We are in your house quickly and out of it in no time and we take pride in our speed. Our team of workers have been at this for a long time and if they are allowed to do their job as they do, then they will finish the job on time. When it comes to pool resurfacing, Tampa FL residents should be sure to give us a call! 

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