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pool covers tampa

We provide the quality pool covers Tampa area residents need. A pool cover can help in saving a lot of energy and it also reduces heating costs, which makes it a worthy and essential investment. If you are using a pool cover, you can then use a smaller solar panel heating system. There are many types of pool covers; a plastic cover is one of the most common pool covers.  It is a vapour barrier and slows the evaporation as much as it can.  We recommend you purchase a pool cover and not use any random plastic piece as it won’t be durable. It would seem at first that it will do the job, but you will be wrong in assuming that – the sunlight will deteriorate it entirely in a few days’ time.  The different kinds of materials for pool covers are as follows:

  • UV- stabilised polyethylene
  • Polypropylene
  • Vinyl

There are different varieties in these categories as well, such as transparent and light colours and opaque and dark colours. You can choose the right pool cover according to your property and your personal aesthetic. 

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